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Useful supplies needed for your indoor gardening
Tools and Supplies
Indoor gardening can be much easier if you have handy plant supplies. Check out this article to see what you can add to your plant care kit!
Plant сare: humidity and houseplants
Humidity is important for happy plants. Read this article and learn how to control indoor humidity for plants, so they can live a long and healthy life.
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10 essential tools for indoor gardening
Are you considering becoming a gardener or turning your home into a jungle? Find out what useful gardening tools you will need for proper indoor plant care.
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How to choose the best soil for houseplants
Know exactly what type of plant soil your green friends need and learn how to choose the best potting mix for them.
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Indoor plant light guide
Not sure if your indoor plants receive enough light? Learn more about natural light and find out how to choose the best spot for your plants in this article.
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How to repot a plant
How to repot a plant and keep it alive? Check out this article to learn the science behind plant repotting and how to do it properly.
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