All you need to know about hardiness zones
USDA hardiness zones are an important part of keeping a successful garden. Learn a bit about planting zones and how to grow your plant in any zone.
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How to overwinter plants indoors
When winter comes, you don't want to see all of your favorite plants die off. Fortunately, you can overwinter certain houseplants indoors to ensure their survival, allowing you to hold onto your favorites and eliminating the need to replace certain plants the following year.
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How to choose artificial lights for your indoor plants
Find out how indoor plants benefit from different types of artificial light and get tips on how to choose the right lights for your leafy friends to make them grow and bloom.
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Why plant leaves turn yellow and how to fix them
There are many things that can cause yellow leaves on plants, from the type of fertilizer to how much you water. Let's explore how to diagnose and fix this problem.
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Tips for starting an indoor herb garden
Even if you are a gardening newbie, you can successfully grow herbs indoors all year round. Check out this guide to learn the essentials and start cultivating your own garden!
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