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Discover 30,000+ plants, flowers, succulents, and trees around you
30,000+ Plants in our database
25,000+ Snaps per day
18,500,000+ Plants identified

AI-powered plant identifier in your pocket

Ever wondered to yourself,
“what plant is this?” Try plant identification by photo with Blossom! From houseplants to outdoor species, Blossom will tell you the name, whether it’s a flower, succulent, or tree. Make Blossom your personal green expert wherever you go, and explore the beauty of nature in real time!

How to identify a plant by a picture?

Open Blossom and tap the camera button on the search screen
Place your plant at the center of the frame. Steer clear of dark, overly bright or blurry images
If the plant is too big to fit in the frame, snap a photo of its foliage or flowers to identify it by leaves
Find more tips directly in the app to get the most out of our AI recognition
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How many plants сan Blossom identify?
Currently, we have more than 30,000 species in our database, from houseplants and garden flowers to lichens and mosses. You can also use Blossom to identify trees, shrubs, or succulents.
Can I find plant-related information, such as specific care needs?
Sure! Right after the recognition process, you will get extensive care info. You can learn specific care requirements such as watering frequency, light and temperature needs, soil type, propagation techniques, common diseases and much more.
How can I improve identification accuracy?
Use Multisnap mode and upload up to 3 photos. More photos will help you get more accurate results.

More than just identification

Blossom is more than just a plant identifier app! Try for free and get access to extensive plant care library. You’ll find care reminders, disease diagnosis, tons of plant care tips, and much more!
Unlimited care reminders
Set personalized reminders for your indoor and outdoor plants. Learn when to water, repot, and fertilize all of your green buddies.
Disease ID
Diagnose your sick plant in a snap! Find out how to cure and prevent its diseases.
Water calculator
Get watering tips based on your plant type and the size of a pot.
Gardening schedule
Plan your seeding season with a personalized planting calendar.
Weather alerts
Learn how to care for your green buddies in specific weather conditions
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Our users say
As a newbie, I LOVE this app. So helpful. The way you can search for plants by pictures is amazing.
We bought this app to identify all of the wild growth in the back of our yard. So impressed with the accuracy and capability to identify everything we pictured. So helpful in helping us avoid plants we wanted to keep and pinpoint the ones we needed to avoid/get rid of!!
From plant identification, to easy set up of watering, fertilizing, and repotting reminders, this app really has it all. Lots of information and tips in a visually pleasing layout. Easy to use. Love it.
Roses are red,
violets are blue...
Ready to identify the plants around you?